Chan Myaye Guest House

Friendly guesthouse in Yangon with great value

We had planned to stay at the Chan Myaye Guest House for only one rest day, but the minute we walked in and saw the quality of accommodation, we decided to extend that to two. For $30/roughly 35,000 kyat a night, we have a very clean room with a double bed, TV, air conditioning, and breakfast. There is a communal bathroom with numerous toilets and showers, all of which come with hot water and amenities. For the location, it’s great value for money and the perfect spot to settle in whilst we rest and get our bearings back.

We cannot stress how tidy everything is, and how kind and helpful the proprietors are. The guesthouse occupies the top 5 floors of its building, so when we arrived at 10 PM the night before, we had to take our bike apart again and carry each piece upstairs. Despite the lateness of the hour, they carried it up the countless stairs whilst we hauled the bags, and made sure it was all stored securely.

Maha Bandula Park Street
Yangon Yangon Region MM
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