Paradise Guest House

A last resort that's anything but

The Paradise Guest House is located just off the main Yangon-Pyay Road, and seems to live by the motto “Screw you, there’s nowhere else to stay here.” 20,000 kyat got us a decent-sized room that seemed OK on the surface – air conditioning, double bed, etc – until you get to the bathroom. It’s quite possible that it has never been cleaned and that there’s something living in the toilet as yet undocumented by science. The shower has about four working jets of water, and they’re all going in different directions. Things stare at you while you wash your hands in the sink.

Rubbish. Yes, this is a poor country, and we don’t expect much, we really don’t. We understand it’s been hard here for a very long time. We’re no divas. But these guys just aren’t trying. People in other places, such as Letpadan, can manage to provide much more for less money. These guys are just lazy and complacent.

Yangon - Pyay Road
Gyobingauk Bago Region MM
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