Smile Guest House

Cheap guesthouse in the heart of Kayin State

There’s no address for Smile Guest House other than to keep going on the main road into town and make a left at the junction – there is a sign for it on the right and it is opposite the Hindu temple.

15,000 kyat gets you a basic room with two single beds that feel like wooden planks, toilet, cold shower, and intermittent electricity. It’s just about acceptable, although you’ll be shocked at how little comfort you get for your money in this country compared with what you were accustomed to in Thailand.

If you’re travelling at the end of January, sleep will be another matter entirely.

It was just our luck that the night we got there, there was a festival in that Hindu temple across the road, plus another one at the Buddhist temple down the street, which had a fully-fledged fairground, complete with food stalls aplenty. So it was like Battle of the Temples to see which one could burst the eardrums of passers-by more. Obviously, we didn’t complain about all the street food there was on offer.

Parties didn’t stop until 4 AM, right before the monasteries started back up with the chanting.

Kawkareik Kayin State MM
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