Than Lwin Pyar Guesthouse

Purple palace in the heart of Hpa-an

Than Lwin Pyar Guesthouse is located at 2 Thida Street next to the night market. Due to the increasing influx of tourists in Hpa-an, it has a tendency to be almost booked solid, save for the sole semi-detached room that faces the main street and has its own door.

25,000 kyat/night got us a double and single bed, cold shower, and mice rampaging constantly across the ceiling, making so much noise we thought they were going to chew their way through and land on top of us. A cockroach big enough to put a saddle on emerged from under the bed and met a crunchy end courtesy of a sneaker.

The room was big enough to hold our bike so we just rolled it right in off the street.

Thida Street
Hpa-An Kayin State MM
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